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Behind the Numbers – BRZ vs FR-S

All the talk is about how Toyota and Subaru have created the newest, most pure driving vehicle. Now as the 2012 sales have kicked off for May and June we can clearly see that Scion is outselling the BRZ here in the United States.

It’s hard to point out one particular reason why one would outsell the other, but we have provided nearly identical photos of both the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ (provided by Autoblog). From the photos you can see how the two cars are identical, yet are very different. Ultimately the consumers will decide which model will take the overall win in number of units sold, but for now its all about getting more rear wheel drive vehicles back on the road.

Below is a summary table of the sales after two months. It’s important to know that Scion is selling through 1,000 dealerships while Subaru is selling through 600 according to USA Today.¬†Looking at the numbers we see that the FR-S is selling nearly 3 times as many vehicles versus the Subaru BRZ in the past month.

Model Average Price(1) Units Sold (2) Est. Total Revenue
FR-S $25,653 2,684 $68,852,652
BRZ $29,085 818 $23,791,530
(1) Numbers provided by USA Today
(2) Numbers provided by Bloomberg Terminal
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Subaru BRZ Overview from New Owner

We came across an enthusiast’s review of his new 2013 Subaru BRZ. If you have enough time and are genuinely interested in the Subaru BRZ have a go at his video review. The owner, SubaruWRXFan, takes his time to explain nearly every piece of the car. Why does it matter? Because this is the easiest way to see the car without seeing the car. He reviews includes honking the horn, looking at the material on the door and using the voice command, and to that, we thank you.

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Pure Handling Delight, Has the Best Road Car Been Designed

As touring cars, sports cars and even daily cars go they all designed to achieve one thing – deliver the best driving experience to the driver, period. But with years of bloated designs and slogans, such as wider is better, and the economic crisis of 2008 car manufacturers have been struggling to deliver a car that excites auto enthusiasts. After years of waiting, teasing and talking Toyota and Subaru have finally released their greatest front-engine rear-wheel drive cars. Will the new Toyota FR-S (86)/Subaru BRZ be the answer to the world’s lack of desirable handling sports cars that are affordable?

It is hard to tell, but one thing we have learned from the Japanese is they document everything, then turn it into the greatest story ever told. With that in mind watch the Subaru Development Story answer your questions about the car through beautiful rolling shots and clear narration of the philosophy behind every aspect of the car. These cars designed to deliver the greatest driving experience by allowing the driver to strap the car on his/her back rather than sit on top of it. Don’t believe us, just let Subaru whisk you away through their story. This could be the next best touring car for back road driving. Sunday drives here we come.

Part 1

Part 2

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Gran Turismo meets the Real World

Subaru has introduced the 2012 Subaru BRZ, a 2.0 liter handling machine with a lower center of gravity than a Ferrari 458 Italia. This machines is designed to be pure genius when it comes to handling. However, aside from all the production car data, we see what Subaru plans to do with their latest creation. They plan on unleashing it among the GT300 pack within the SuperGT Race Series in Japan. The video highlights what the new racer looks and sounds like to come from the Gran Turismo PlayStation 3 world into the world of 2012 SuperGT300.