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Ripping Sound

Here’s a car – a race car – that rips through the air. There are few cars today that produce such a sound as this Ferrari 312PB. The screams are produced by a Ferrari developed flat-12 boxer engine. Yup, a boxer engine. This car was developed specifically for FIA prototype racing, especially after losing to Porsche 917 race car in the early 1970’s. This car was unfortunate in claiming victory over the competition but it won over our ears and sensations. Let’s turn it over to Petrolicious who had the opportunity to capture this historic banshee.

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Does This Excite You

IMSA Group Photo

It is that time of year again! We are one day away from kicking off the North American Racing Series – IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship which begins Saturday, January 25 at 2:10 P.M. EST

The first race is the iconic Rolex 24 Hour Endurance race. This year 67 entries will be fighting for their chance to claim victory of this historic race in each of their respective classes. The entries even include the famous Nissan Deltawing – making its comeback race with totally revised outer shell. Additionally, making their highly anticipated debut is the Porsche all-new factory team partnered with CORE autosport running the 911 RSR “EVO”. Should you want to view the full list, click here: Entry List.

If you need some help understanding what teams you are seeing on screen please download this beauty – the spotters guide. Think of it as the definitive picture book of teams and cars for this event. Those wanting live timing throughout the race you will need to set your browser to: IMSA live timing. Finally if you need EVEN more information you can find IMSA’s handy twitter cheatsheet here: twitter handles.

The full tv broadcasting schedule is as follows; the downside is there will be NO radiolemans coverage during this race. Its such a sad day on that front.

1:30 PM-2 PM EST Pre-Race on FOX Sports 2
2 PM-4 PM EST on FOX (regular FOX network not their sports network)
4 PM -9 PM EST on FOX Sports 2 (may be in limited markets)
9 PM-7 AM EST on
7 AM-3 PM EST on FOX Sports 1

And those race fans who want something a little more personal, Magnus Racing will be broadcasting live from their pit box during the entire 24h race all for your viewing pleasure. You can view their entire webcast live here: or from their website: Magnus Racing

The car that leads the rest of the field to the start will be the number 99 GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing Corvette; for the GT LeMans class (GTLM) will be the number 91 SRT Motorsports SRT Viper GTS-R. The full qualifying list is here – Results

We hope you’re looking forward to a great race; we have a feeling this will be good.

IMSA Group Photo 2photo credit: IMSA

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Hear a Lusso?

I’m sure we have said this before, here is another car that you’ve got to hear. It’s a symphony to any car lover’s ears. The engine sound alone should help your heart beat quicken. The start of this video is a lovely Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. What makes this video a bit different than others is their ability to capture the true sound of the engine revving freely as the driver gains speed while in a deserted L.A. It really makes you feel as if they took something from the movie “Drive”. Something else we enjoyed from the interview was the owner’s description of the start-up sequence. He even goes on to say that it’s a process that cannot be rushed! If you watch closely at the end you’ll see the driver rush the start-up sequence – what a shame. Otherwise turn up your speakers and let the sound radiate into your entire body. Ferrari Lusso sing us a song.

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2013 Formula 1 Car Round-up

It’s only the second month of 2013 and the formula one teams are announcing their prized contenders for the new year. The biggest change is the FIA technical rules allow for a “decorative piece” (a.k.a. vanity plate) to be added to the nose to show a more atheistically pleasing nose. Long gone are the stepped noses? Nope, not if Adrian Newey, Infiniti Red Bull chief designer, has anything to say about it. Little technical changes were put into effect this year since 2014 will call for another round of overhauls, including engines. Looking at the press release photos the only major aero change are the fins located on top of the air intake side funnels which are most notable on the Caterham and the Force India. The only team missing from the lineup is Williams who will be releasing their updated car on February 19th 2013. In the meantime enjoy the newest contenders of the 2013 Formula 1 season.

01marussiamr02 Launch Marussia F1 Team MR02 04mercedesamgf1w04 Lotus F1 Team 2013 Launch Photoshoot Lotus F1 Team 2013 Launch Photoshoot 02mclarenmp4-28 01mclarenmp4-28 03sauberf1c32 01sauberf1c32 02caterhamct03 04caterhamct0307infinitired-bullrb9 09tororossostr8-136006634301ferrarif138 05ferrarif138 06forceindiavjm06 Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Force India F1 VJM06 Launch - Silverstone, England

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A Blue Ferrari

We do not know what the gentleman is saying, but his story is also told through sights and sounds. The F40 is painted in Pozzi Blue. Pozzi blue is a rare paint finish created in honor of the French Ferrari importer, Pozzi. It is rumored to have been one of Enzo’s favorite colors. Enjoy this Sunday Drive with a blue Ferrari F40.

Source: online photos; to watch this video at the Vimeo site, click Vimeo within the video

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Elusive Ferrari Club

It’s not every day that you come across a Ferrari in person, but when you do it is a guarantee that you will take a second look. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these wonderful cars you’ll soon realize a beauty that pictures cannot capture. More so, automotive words are never enough to highlight the essence of its styling and shape. The belief on the street is that Ferrari is in a different kind of league; a car that couldn’t be used for every day purposes. It’s only purchased to sit in the garage and talked about to your friends. However we want to help set the record straight, much like any other car a Ferrari wants their owners to enjoy these magnificent cars. They wish for owners to share this dream machine with their friends and others. Ferrari wants the owners to share driving stories and believe it or not, they actually put on events to draw the owners out to drive their cars. People forget these cars are built for that very purpose; Ferrari wants you to yearn to own one, they want you do dream about it at night, and they want you to save for the day when you can become part of the family. These photos are here to help you realize that the elusive Ferrari club is within your grasp and these cars can become part of your everyday life. And why not start with the Ferrari F430.

Source: Flickr; associated photographer